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The University of Peradeniya is the heir to a sixty year old University tradition which commenced with the inception of the University of Ceylon, the first institution of its kind established in Colombo on 1 July 1942. It moved to the banks of Mahaweli River, the longest in the Country, in 1952. However the history of its evolution as the oldest and the largest University in the country pass through the following stages.

  • 1942 to 1952 University of Ceylon
  • 1952 to 1972 University of Ceylon Peradeniya
  • 1972 to 1978 Peradeniya Campus, University of Sri Lanka
  • Since 1978 University of Peradeniya

Welcome to the online radio station of the University of Peradeniya, where voices meet innovation and tradition. Established with a passion for broadcasting and a commitment to our vibrant campus community, our radio station serves as a dynamic platform for students, faculty, and alumni to connect and engage.At our core, we strive to amplify the diverse voices and talents that define our university. From insightful discussions on academics and research to entertaining shows featuring music and cultural insights, we bring you content that resonates with our listeners both near and far.

Driven by a team of enthusiastic students and supported by faculty mentors, our radio station embodies creativity, professionalism, and a deep-rooted pride in our institution. Whether you’re tuning in for news updates, live broadcasts of campus events, or simply to enjoy a playlist curated by our DJs, we invite you to be a part of our journey.

Explore, listen, and join us in celebrating the spirit of University of Peradeniya through the power of radio. Thank you for being a part of our community.

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